Friday, December 30, 2011


Last January my friend and I drove to Asheville, North Carolina. The cold, mountain air was crisp but refreshing in every way possible. Being surrounded by rolling hills was comforting, it made me feel like we were tucked away. The thing I remember most about our mini-vacation there was the abundant amount of fresh, organic food. All of the produce the restaurants use is local, which is so rare in America, a country that seems to favor over-processed foods from factories.

As you know by now, I'm a huge foodie. Being able to walk into a restaurant, any restaurant, and know that the food I'm eating is fresh and pesticide-free makes my experience so much better. Not only does their food taste ten times better than most other mid-sized city's food, but it is better for you.

My friend and I are going back this January, and I am beyond excited. If we could make it a yearly tradition to go here every year, my life would be complete.

(They also have tons of hidden cafes, specialty chocolate shops, and boutique clothing stores. Needless to say, Asheville is my dream town).

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